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Shivani Reddy from SLR Lounge contacted me with some exciting news that she wanted to share. SLR Lounge were launching their first ever Lighting Week, which was geared to help photographers pick up simple lighting techniques & tricks with Off-Camera flash.

Shivani wanted to reach out to us to collaborate for the group article: 7 Creative Off-Camera Flash Techniques For Wedding Photographers. 

We were very honoured to receive this request and sent out an image that recently won a SLR Lounge Apex Award that they were interested in us detailing, along with a description of situation and lighting technique used for their article.

7 Creative Off-Camera Flash Techniques For Wedding Photographers _ SLR Lounge (dragged).jpg

Elliot explains that the setup for this shot was very simple, however, the difficult part is coming across this style/type of hotel room. This particular room had a glass wall/window between the bedroom and bathroom making it easy to include the silhouette reflection of the groomsmen getting ready. He secured a flash to the pipe above the shower head and then took the exposure for the ambient light outside of the bathroom. He then positioned the groomsmen in front of the hotel window to catch their reflections while getting ready within the bathroom window. Make sure that if you attempt this shot to use lukewarm water in the shower as not to create steam that could fog up the windows and haze out the subjects.

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