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Guide to cut the cake

Guide to wedding cake cutting | WEDDINGWIRE.CO.UK



Your Guide to Wedding Cake Cutting, by Alice Prendergast on WeddingWire.co.uk. Link HERE

Photos by Elliot Nichol Photography

Newlyweds enjoying cutting their wedding cake during their wedding reception. This photo was used by weddingwire.co.uk as their main image to lead their wedding cake cutting guide article.

Great to see that I also made the “CUT” as they used the image above for their lead article photo.

You’ve probably cut one or two cakes in your life, but this will most likely be your first time slicing into a wedding cake. Naturally, you want this moment to be as magical as every other part of your big day, so you’ll need to have a plan and the right tools at the ready. We’ve broken down everything you need to know so that you absolutely nail your wedding cake cutting.

Here is your guide to wedding cake cutting.

Three tier wedding cake filled with roses. Photo by Elliot Nichol Photography.

Figure out your display

The first step is planning out your dessert display. Obviously, you want your wedding cake to take centre stage, but you don’t want to have it so far from the edge of the table that you and your partner really need to stretch to reach it (that probably won’t be very successful). To make sure your setup works, do a little planning to find the right placement for your cake and stage a trial run. That way you won’t run into any roadblocks on your big day.

The temptation is too much for this small boy as he sneaks in behind the bride and groom while they cut their wedding cake. Photo by wedding photojournalist Elliot Nichol.

Gather your equipment

You’ll need more than a kitchen knife to make your wedding cake cutting a success, so do a bit of shopping before your big day arrives. Here’s a rundown of all the bits and bobs you’ll need: a cake knife, a cake server, two forks, two napkins and two plates (maybe a drink, like champagne, to wash it down, too). Have these goodies set up and ready to go so that you’re not running around trying to get everything into place at the eleventh hour. P.S. the utensils are great keepsakes that you can pass down to your children, so they’re worth the investment.

Bride & groom kiss during the sparkling cutting of the wedding cake. Photo by Elliot Nichol.

Pick the perfect place to slice

You don’t want to ruin the structural integrity of your wedding cake with the first slice, so ask your baker about the best place to make the first cut. That way your confection won’t fall apart before anyone has gotten the chance to taste it. Keep in mind that you’ll want to avoid slicing into the top tier if you plan on saving it for your first anniversary

Funny expression on the bride and grooms face during their wedding cake cutting as their cake topper falls off. Photo by Elliot Nichol Photography based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Brides reaction to their wedding cake topper falling off their wedding cake during their wedding reception. Photo by Elliot Nichol Photography.

Make sure you’re photo-ready

You’ll definitely want a photo of your wedding cake cutting in your album, so make sure your photographer has the right lighting and angle for when you cut the cake. You’ll want to be able to get yourselves and your cake in the shot, so plan it all out beforehand. If you need help with the setup, here’s how it usually goes: the shorter partner should stand in the front and one person should hold the knife and the other should assist by placing their hand over top.

Couple cut into their wedding cake under a explosion of confetti. Photo by Northeast wedding photojournalist Elliot Nichol.

Plan your bite

Some couples like to go the silly route and smash cake in each other’s face, others like to be more civilised and feed each other using forks. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page so there aren’t any unwelcome surprises when the moment arrives.

Wedding cake with Mr & Mrs wedding cake topper and love sign behind. Photo by Newcastle wedding photographer.

Announce the event

While you’ll want your fair share of intimate moments on your special day, your wedding cake cutting probably shouldn’t be one of them. Get your emcee or a family member to announce the event loud and proud so that everyone gathers around to watch. You can also set up this sweet moment with a wedding cake cutting song.

Wedding cake cutting at the wedding reception. Photo by Elliot Nichol Photography.

WeddingWire.co.uk’s article LINK HERE.

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